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When is an extraction needed?

Dr. Chiu will carefully evaluate your case and consider alternative treatments whenever possible to preserve natural teeth. Although we make every effort to maintain and save teeth, we may face instances when there is nothing more we can do, and a tooth will need to come out to preserve your overall oral health.

A tooth may need to be extracted when:

  • a tooth is severely decayed or broken beyond repair;
  • teeth are affected by advanced periodontal disease, which can cause significant damage to the supporting structures of the teeth;
  • a person’s mouth is overcrowded with teeth and there is not enough space to accommodate all the teeth properly; and
  • wisdom teeth, also known as third molars, may sometimes require removal due to improper eruption and/or impaction, causing pain, infection, and potential damage to neighboring teeth.

Are extractions painful?

Dental extractions are performed to alleviate pain, prevent infection or damage to surrounding teeth, and maintain or restore oral health. Although dental extractions can sound intimidating, they have become more comfortable thanks to advancements in dental techniques and technology. Patient comfort and well-being throughout the extraction process is a top priority at Chiu Dental and we take the time to discuss the procedure, address any concerns, and create a calm and supportive environment.

The use of local anesthetic ensures the extraction area is completely numbed—and Dr. Chiu takes a gentle approach focused on comfort. We also offer mild sedation options for anxious patients to help them relax during the procedure, such as an oral sedative or laughing gas.

Overall, a dental extraction doesn’t have to be an overwhelming experience. With the advances in modern dentistry and our commitment to ensuring the most comfortable experience possible, we will help you through it!